IT Infrastructure Support

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

At APAX Solutions, we comprehend the essentials of constructing top-tier teams. Our expertise enables you to compete globally, round the clock, and across diverse domains. Enjoy seamless access to premier IT expertise, leading to reduced IT costs and enhanced operational efficiency. Accelerate your growth with the support of an offshore team. Our commitment to transparency and collaborative decision-making sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

Why APAX Solutions?

Leverage the expertise of our team, comprising junior to experienced IT outsourced specialists, and pay solely for the services you require. Our solutions are tailored to address your challenges, providing assistance wherever you need it.

Level 1 - Level 3 Technical Resources

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

24/7 Helpdesk Engineers

Server and Workstation Management

Dedicated Systems Engineers

Database Administrators

Data Center Engineers

Application Maintenance Engineers