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Healthcare BPO solutions tailored for hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners. Our outsourcing services cover a spectrum from marketing, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), virtual medical assistance, to software development. Your primary focus remains on scaling your healthcare business or practice tenfold.

Innovative Software Development

Grow your Revenue and well-being through APAX Solutions

We are well-equipped to support clients in developing innovative, mission-critical, and intricate enterprise-level applications. These applications not only fulfill business requirements but also introduce personalized process innovations to the market.

Custom Software

Mobile App Development

Outsourcing Organization

HIPAA Compliant
RCM Solution

Physician Credentialing & Biling

Why Prima Systems RCM?

Revenue Cycle Management

APAX Solutions Revenue Cycle Management empowers you to maximize earnings for every visit. We redefine the landscape of the medical billing industry through seamless technology and integrated workflows. Increase your net patient revenue by entrusting billing to the experts at Prima Systems.

Digital Marketing Services Provider

Digital marketing is revolutionizing the way business is conducted, sometimes giving rise to entirely new business paradigms. Companies, in response to the impact of digital marketing, are reassessing and redefining every aspect of their operations, from internal systems to online and in-person customer interactions.

Digital Marketing Operations Support

UI/UX Design

Inbound Call Services

Outbound Call Services

E-mail Outreach

Call Center (IB/OB)

With extensive experience as a call center support provider across various industries, ranging from hospitals to nursing stations and medical care, APAX Solutions is well-equipped to elevate your business to the next level. Our call center support serves as a seamless extension of your business, adopting your brand voice and presenting a consistent brand image.

Finance & Accounting Services

Require support in upgrading your accounting processes to enhance productivity, ensure accuracy, and reduce immediate and overhead costs associated with managing an in-house accounting division? With APAX Solutions' extensive accounting experience, tailored accounting solutions, and a well-established reputation for excellent service quality, we can help you achieve these objectives.

Prima Financial Services

Accounting Administration

Covert & Go Live

Data Visualization and Analytics Support

Data Modelling & Analytics

APAX Solutions' data engineers offer more than just business analytical insights. Our developers and engineers deliver comprehensive data modeling and business intelligence solutions aligned with industry standards, utilizing updated tools, and following best practices.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

As advances and applications in healthcare rapidly progress, creating digital assets and compiling digital data will become more accessible. However, the challenge lies in integrating diverse data from various systems to generate evidence-based, meaningful insights about individuals and populations, enabling swift advancement. APAX Solutions is playing a pivotal role in assisting the medical industry in effectively navigating this digital transformation in healthcare management.

What Prima VMA can do for you?

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