Call Center (IB/OB)

Call Center (IB/OB)

With extensive experience as a call center support provider across a wide array of industries, ranging from retail to telecommunications to healthcare, APAX Solutions is well-equipped to elevate your business to the next level. Our call center support functions seamlessly as an extension of your business, embodying your brand voice and presenting a consistent brand image.

Our Call Center (IB/OB) Support Services

We provide a diverse range of customer care center options. Our 24-hour call center support ensures that your business remains accessible to your clients at all times — even after hours, on weekends, and during holidays. We offer support for both outbound and inbound dialing, catering to both national and international customers.

Inbound Call Services

Our inbound call center operators manage incoming calls from clients and adeptly address their needs based on business parameters, whether it involves customer support, order taking, issue resolution, or billing inquiries. All our call center agents undergo training to familiarize themselves with processes, maintain proper emphasis, and align with the nature of the job they are handling.

Outbound & Call Services

APAX Solutions outbound call center operators make calls to both new and existing clients using a balanced and polished approach, targeting specific segments to enhance customer engagement. This service assists organizations in selling their products, services, or conducting various surveys. Our outbound call center is bolstered by state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, comprehensive training programs, quality assurance monitoring, and a highly skilled call center team. Prima's call center agents meticulously assess and monitor each call, documenting information, areas for improvement, trends, and statistical reports.